British Fish Craft Championships®

British Fish Craft Championships


The Federation organises The British Fish Craft Championships®.
The best of the UK's fish craftsmen demonstrate their skills in a range of exciting competitions throughout the day.

Open to anyone involved in the fish, poultry or game trade, the competitions test the skills that are necessary in the preparation of fish and poultry in readiness for use by the final consumer. Those skills normally provided free of charge by fishmongers when selling fish to the general public.

The judges are all experienced fishmongers from all parts of the country. While naturally taking into account regional variations, they award points for performance, presentation, hygiene and general appearance.
There are many stand alone competitions to enter with aggregate scores being calculated for the overall title of British Fish Craft Champion®. All competitions have four placings with prize money and trophies to be won.

This year's 66th Annual competition was held at Billingsgate Market, London, a great weekend with great skills on display from accross the U.K. - testing the skills of all of the fishmongers!

The competition this year was on August Bank Holiday weekend - Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, with competition day starting at 9am on the Sunday, and this year incorporating Billingsgate Seafood School Celebration - with cooking, tasers and mush more over the two days too!

Andrew Barker - 2018 British Fish Craft Champion
2018 British Fish Craft Champion® - Andrew Barker

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